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For the Wolves, welcome to the pack.

The Mixed Pup Official motto is Swallow the Moon. It's the mantra of alphas. Inspired by Fenrir, the wolf-god of myth who swallowed the moon on the day of Ragnarok.

It means some goals are like the moon: They feel too damn big or too far away to accomplish... But you're a wolf. You've got the jaws to match your appetite. 

The Mixed Pup Official brand seeks to share all-good, no bullshit vibes. Plus, we just think you deserve to wear art because you're a fucking masterpiece.

Each design starts with a mess of paints on canvas, then models in a photo shoot, takes a magic graphic-design bath, and is finally transfered onto premium wear.

Feel empowered & creative while wearing your Mixed Pup Official gear.

Swallow your Moon, Wolf.

-xo, Alpha


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